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A Haven for Authentic Living

The Lodge at Historic Lewes invites you to be your true self. We are a vibrant community that honors and supports individuals from all walks of life, recognizing the richness that diverse backgrounds and identities bring to our community experience. 

By engaging in ongoing education and training, our staff is equipped to provide knowledgeable and considerate support for all levels of care. Should you have questions regarding our approach to inclusivity, our door is always open for dialogue.

Excellence in Diversity Training

We take pride in our educated and compassionate staff, trained under the guidance of SAGECare. This organization, a leader in LGBTQ+ competency consulting and training, has equipped us to extend empathy and understanding across our community. 

This specialized training enriches our community life, from our personalized services to the engaging events we offer.

Unwavering Commitment to Inclusivity

At The Lodge at Historic Lewes, inclusivity is not just a concept—it’s our commitment. 

We pledge to offer exceptional support to every resident, celebrating individuality to help everyone feel valued within our community. Visit us to experience our dedication to creating an inclusive, welcoming environment firsthand.

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