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Trust, Dignity, Choice, & Safety

Memory loss can have a significant impact on seniors and their families. We offer a comfortable environment and high-quality care to help seniors with cognitive challenges live their lives to the fullest.

The Lodge at Historic Lewes is proud to be home to the Compass Memory Care community. We’re guided by the philosophy that everyone deserves individualized care, the space and time to make their own choices, and to have their voice heard. Lodge life is lived with dignity, respect, and happiness. 

We value our residents like we do our families. Come see the difference a personal approach makes at The Lodge.

New Directions in Care

We’ve taken our memory care program in a new direction based on evidence and research, along with our team’s 25+ years of experience, to offer a high quality of life to our community members.

We offer enriching experiences that make every day meaningful. Our skilled, compassionate, and intuitive team is on hand to work with our residents to make sure they have a choice in how they spend their days.

Creating Peace of Mind 

Our memory care community is designed to keep our residents safe, happy, and at ease. Each detail is carefully planned to reduce or lessen the symptoms associated with memory issues.

  • Our space is designed to aid navigation and feel welcoming
  • Our community has unique design accents and markers that help residents keep track of where they are as they navigate their home
  • Our apartments are built with large windows to allow abundant natural light to fill the space, which helps keep sleep cycles on track

Some symptoms of cognitive issues like dementia can cause fear, frustration, and agitation. Our space is thoughtfully designed to help mitigate these feelings—and our top-of-the-line care team is trained to help our residents manage these emotions.

Find a Sanctuary in Our Safe & Comfortable Suites

Our suites are designed around centralized areas for activities and socialization. Each suite is equipped with:

  • Comfortable, homey furnishings
  • Accessible layouts
  • Features designed for safety and convenience

Explore our gallery and floorplans to see our beautiful space.

The Lodge at Historic Lewes – Now Open!


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