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Mind and Body: Therapeutic Activities for the Elderly

Woman and her daughter walking and laughing during a walk in the park.

Welcoming the later years with grace and vitality is a journey that encompasses comprehensive care for both the mind and body. At The Lodge at Historic Lewes, we understand the profound impact of therapeutic activities on the lives of our elderly residents, particularly those with memory impairments.  These activities are not just pastimes; they are […]

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Can Brain Games Improve Memory?

Two senior men sitting across from each other at a table playing a game of chess in a living room.

Brain games have been around for a long time, from crosswords, puzzles, and sudoku to digital problem-solving training and memory matching. These games have gained popularity with health claims ranging from improved memory retention to staving off cognitive decline. But do they truly live up to their hype?  Whether digital or not, brain games, alongside […]

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Benefits of Music Therapy for Seniors

A senior man smiling and sitting on a couch wearing headphones and listening to music.

Prioritizing your health is essential at any stage in life. However, it becomes increasingly vital for seniors to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health to lead a fulfilling and joyful life.  Enter music therapy—a unique and powerful approach that uses an individual’s response and connection to music to impact their mood positively.  Music therapy is […]

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How to Improve Working Memory

An elderly man with white hair playing chess with a young woman.

As we age, it’s natural to find our cognitive abilities, especially our working memory, start to decline. Nevertheless, there’s no need to resign ourselves to a life of endless forgetfulness! You can support your working memory with several habits and many different levels of care for senior living.  There are many ways to improve working […]

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The Importance of Friendships in Old Age

A group of three mature women embracing each other while laughing and enjoying the outdoors

You may have heard the term BFF, best friends forever. That’s what friendships are—relationships you may have for your entire life. Friendships are life’s most valuable blessings, but they’re even more important in old age.  If you are transitioning to a senior living community after retiring and worried about losing social connections, don’t be. The […]

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