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Benefits of Living in a Modern Retirement Community

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The move to a senior community is a significant life change for the aging adult. But it doesn’t have to be a bad or negative experience. In fact, there are many benefits to moving into a modern retirement community.

The key is finding a community that offers amenities and services that are important to you. For example, suppose you enjoy staying active and socializing and don’t want to spend your retirement with housework. In that case, you’ll want to find a community that offers these things.

Most retirement communities will share many things in common. However, they are all unique, so it’s important to ask questions and book tours so that you know exactly what to expect.

7 Benefits of Living in a Modern Retirement Community

There are several different types of care available in many communities. For example, some offer both assisted living and independent living, and some can accommodate those with special cognitive needs with memory care.

Although all retirement communities vary a bit from one to the other, most of these benefits apply to these three types of care to some degree. 

Easy to Stay Active

When living at home as an aging adult, it can sometimes be challenging to get out and stay active by yourself. Being a part of a modern retirement community typically makes this easier. Many communities have gyms that are geared toward older adults. In addition, some of them even offer fitness or exercise classes.

Great Amenities

When you live in a senior community, there are usually some great amenities that go along with that. Some of the common conveniences and services are:

  • Transportation to various events or to run errands
  • Relaxing spa treatments
  • Salon so you can look and feel your best
  • Gyms or fitness centers
  • Organized activities and special events
  • Meal preparation 

Socialization Opportunities

Not everyone wants to socialize with a million people. But having the opportunity to have a handful of friends to spend your golden years with is a huge perk of retirement community living. 

Whether you want to get together for tea or meet to play cards in a common room, there are usually plenty of socializing opportunities.

Little to No Maintenance

Home maintenance—whether we’re talking housekeeping or yard work—gets to be too much as we get older. Typically these are things that you no longer have to worry about when you’re living in a retirement community.

There is usually staff available for laundry services, housekeeping, and keeping the grounds and common areas in fantastic shape. For the most part, all you have to worry about is enjoying your golden years surrounded by friends and family.

Secure and Safe Living

Security is an important aspect of a retirement community. Generally, most communities aren’t open to the general public. So, you can rest knowing that you’re secure and safe in your home.

Another benefit of having 24/7 staff around is that you have access to someone who can help or at least get you help in an emergency.

Some common security measures are:

  • Security cameras and alarms
  • Required check-in for visitors
  • Locked entrances 
  • Emergency response systems to cover many different scenarios
  • Security guards

Healthcare Access

Many communities give their residents access to a certain level of healthcare which is a huge benefit. For example, in most assisted living situations, you’ll have access to things like medication management or trained nurses and other specialized aides.

Another thing you can expect in assisted living is help with daily activities like dressing, bathing, and eating.

Healthy Aging

In addition to being able to stay active in a retirement community, they promote healthy aging through a healthy and balanced diet. As adults age, one of the things that often changes quickly is maintaining good eating habits.

When many meals are provided, it’s much easier to stay on track and eat healthy.

Retaining Independence

A common goal with assisted and independent living is to allow residents to retain as much independence as safely possible. The services and amenities these communities provide enable residents to remain independent by removing many hurdles they may face when living alone at home.

Choosing the Retirement Community That’s Right for You

Choosing a retirement community is not something that happens overnight. This is a big step for the person who has lived by themselves for many years. However, there are some great reasons to consider it. If you’re wondering what you can expect at The Lodge At Historic Lewes, give our office a shout today. Our helpful and compassionate staff are available to answer all your questions and book you a tour to see the community for yourself.

Written by The Lodge at Historic Lewes

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